Many products surrounding us increasingly utilize adhesive technology, making it one of the inevitable processing technologies.Whenever there is adhesive sheet, there is needs for "release paper and release liner".Release liner, the sheet to be removed, protects the adhesive surface until its actual usage. Besides, it is critical that the released liner can be stripped-off properly at the usage time. We have been manufacturing various types of release paper and release liner that is necessary for adhesive technology.
Adhesive sheet may sound simple at first; but its application is quite extensive, with many types available for different purposes.That is why the demand for release liner is not limited to easy release.To meet customers' needs for different release liner perfomance, we have been utilizing a wide ranges of substrates materials.

The advantage of Fujiko gravure coating

Dividing into silicone type and its curing method

Altering between 3 coating methods for "Solvent heat curing", " Solvent UV curing" & "Solventless UV curing" allows us to produce release liners of different performance,and also enables coating for substrate material traditionally hard to use due to its low heat-resistance nature.

Visible release liner through pigment printing

The combination use of coating and gravure printing has enabled us to produce pigmented release paper & release film.In addition, using custom ised printing plate allows us to offer production for industrial designed products.

Manufacturing Anti-static release liner etc.

Combining anti-static & anchor coating material with silicone coating has enabled us to produce release paper and release liner with many added function.

Internal slitting and lamination process,

With coating, slitting and lamination processes intergrated in our internal production, we can handle short lead time production.

Highly clean film

Equipped with clean coating & slitter machine, we can produce release film of high cleanliness. (Some products are excluded)

【Examples of available material】
Polyester Industrial PET (transparent/milky white), foamed PET
Polypropylene OPP・CPP
Polyethylene LDPE (milky white/transparent), HDPE (milky white/transparent), etc.
Other types of plastic films There are film that silicone is unable to be cured on.
For special film request,
we will test to decide if silicone coating is possible.
Paper High quality paper, thin paper, glassine paper, semi-glassine paper, etc.

【Products list】

<General release liner>
The m ost b asic a nd c ommon composition: coated silicone on either s ingle or b oth s ides of various substrate materials.
<Differential release liners - double-sided>
Made by coating silicone on both sides of various substrate materials. Creating different release force on each side makes both sides useable with tacky adhesive sheet etc.
<Anti-static treated release liner>
Anti-static coat: either at the back of base material, or at t he layer below the release treatment layer.
<Color release liner>
Color printed by gravure printing on the back side of base material, or b elow t he r elease c oating layer, or between 2 base material layers.
<Flouros silicone release liner>
Fluoros s ilicone c oated o n P ET b ase material.Make it possible to produce release liner with very easy release, even for silicone adhesive t hat usually damages t he releasability of common silicone release liner.
<Non-silicone release liner>
Designed for p roduct s that silicone use is not feasible due to it s u sage p urpose ( silicone transfer is unacceptable)
<Overview of manufacturing equipment>
In developing and manufacturing release liner, "cleanliness" is inevitably critical.At Fujiko, to always provide product of high cleanliness, we have been raising factory standards b y eq uipping h igh-tech manufacturing facility,testing equipment as well as our staff skills etc.